Monday, August 16, 2010

This painting lark

So I reckoned I'd try to paint the rudder as a learning exercise in painting.

  1. Cheap rollers loose tiny fine hairs like a stray dog in the summer. The hairs don't show up in the undercoat, just the gloss.
  2. High Gloss Paint shows surface defects or blemishes as well as a High Power Magnifying glass.
  3. You will use WAY more paint that you imagine until you start to get the hang of what you are doing. (For use, you can read waste)
  4. You will probably have to sand back the first thing you paint to the wood.
  5. If you could make a vacuum cleaner that attracted dust like wet paint, Dyson would be out of business.
  6. If the paint is too thick, it will not dry. The surface will, but under that will be a layer of soft sticky paint waiting to get out. Too thick is not all that thick at all. Several thin layers are better than one gloopy thick one.
  7. Once you take off your gloves, you will discover that the thing you have just picked up is covered in wet paint.
Sorry no photos, though I may post them up on under abysmal.

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