Friday, December 28, 2007

So little progress

I blame the Dark,

Since I'm working outside, and it's dark before I get home from work.

But Partly it's the Rain, and the Cold.

There's also Real Life Commitments to deal with.

In the last while, I inherited a small bench top three wheel bandsaw. Which if you coax it just right, and go slowly will cut 1" oak just fine. It'll never cut 1/16" veneers from 5" Walnut Planks, but there you go. It was free.

I am about to cut the side logs for the centre board case. I have planed them down to size, and I just need to cut the curve. I am thinking of cutting the first one on the bandsaw almost to the mark, then sanding it down with a long flexible sanding board.

Then I will cut the other close, and use a Router with bearing guided flush bit to trim it to be an exact match.