Sunday, August 01, 2010


So I followed the basic idea here to make up my rudder. I thought that I'd have to throw out the first attempt, and then use the second one.

As it happened it turned out quite well, the second side was clearly better than the first. I was actually considering using it, until I realised that I'd put the leading edge on the wrong side, and since it is a kick-up rudder, it's not even close to symmetrical. Oh well, you learn.

Things I did learn,
  • on the first side you must leave pillars to support it when you flip over to do the second side.
  • mill the foil shape from an over long rectangle leaving the ends untouched, then cut the rudder out afterwards.
  • small wooden wedges keep the stock hard against the base and give more consistent results.
  • two small pieces of perspex set up on a cord hinge run along the rails, avoid bits being kicked everywhere
  • cut towards ourself, the sawdust shoots down the channel between the guides to your waiting hoover.
  • Make sure the wood is the right way round.

I guess the production run will be better !

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