Saturday, July 16, 2016

The bilge pump is installed...

It does not move as much water as a bucket, but I can pump and sail at the same time.

The handle is clipped into a bicycle pump holder.

I had to route the outflow behind the seat otherwise it blocked me from lifting the floorboards. I was just plain lucky that the outflow itself did not block lifting the floorboard, I had not thought of it, nor measured it. There is about 3mm (1/8 inches) to spare.

I may later drill a hole through the seat support on the left there, to tidy things up, but right now the hose is down where you can't really stand anyway.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Start of bilge pump I installation.

This is the pump, with the newly cast pivot and the removable handle. It's on the base I made for it. It's out of the way, under the seat. And there's plenty of room to pump the handle with the floorboards in place.
More pics will follow when I have installed the hose. The inlet will be across the boat on the Lee side so that I can pump from the windward side. There's only one pump so if I'm on the other tack I will need to heave to.