Saturday, August 20, 2011

A little better....

It's amazing how much better she sails with a functional centreboard. Gravel is a bad thing for pivoting centreboards.

On our second trip, a quick spin around some lakes in Cavan, was a whole lot better. The engine remained unused. I sailed a short loop on my own to ensure all was well, then took Sarah and Abigail each for a spin, under sail.

I remembered reading an article where a sailing Uncle strongly advised short trips, far better to have the kids complaining about going home too soon, than sitting there frowning, saying are we going home yet.

My sailing skills are currently the limiting factor, but with just the main, in a light breeze, she scooted along at just shy of 4 knots. Almost exactly 4 miles an hour, so about walking speed.

I am reasonably sure that any competent dinghy sailor would cringe at the rudimentary mistakes I was making, but hey I have a boat now, I can learn.

Oh yes, the kickup rudder, worth it's weight in gold. I cannot imagine the damage I would have done by now, beaching TLC several times, only to hear the sharp Snap of the auto- release-cleat opening. I certainly would not have been able to lift the rudder, while trying to steer the boat, and manage the sails. Perhaps with a few years practice, but for now, thanks Duckworks!!

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