Sunday, May 31, 2009

Progress At Last.

The weather forecasters, clearly embarrassed by my last post, have conjured up a fantastic bank holiday weekend.

Genuine, original Blue Skies.

So I got to do a little work on the boat.

The last of the side panels is now in place, glued, screwed, and mostly trimmed.

The battens are now laid in place, and clamped. I did this partly to see how it looked, and partly to see if the battens I cut months ago were actually long enough.

The one on the far left is of course, too short, and had a knot the size of a plum about 1/3 of the way from the front. 

I see a bit of cutting and scarfing to make up a new batten. I have no more planks long enough to cut a new batten from a single piece.

Balcotan PU does a wonderful job of gluing oak, provided you have a perfect joint and lots of pressure.   


Paul said...

Congrtulations. Just to let you know how much I'enjoyed reading your blog. I look forward to reading about the launch and maiden voyage. I found your site when looking for information on the Woodstar PT85 that I bought recently (for a much less ambitious project). All the best.

Rational Root said...

Good to know someone is reading it 8-)

David McA said...

Nice job, it must be hard building outside with the weather and all.

I sold my squirt today, but I'm thinking of building a GlenL 14 some day. Keep up the good work!