Sunday, May 25, 2008

An our here and and hour there

I started by screwing strips of ply around the Centerboard case onto a logn 3/4" board. Then I cut out most of the slot with a jig saw, and tidied up the rest with a router and a bearing guide bit. A little work with a chisel to sort the corners and it's a perfect match. I should be able to use this template to cut the slot in the keel.

Easier than trying to screw separate strips of ply to the keel itself.

You can see the start of the CB case here with the template.
Cutting the actual slot in the keel is a big step as this is a 12 foot long board, carefully cut and planed. A mistake there would be painful.

Incidently, I have found that a large nail punch helps so much in avoiding the hammer marks. 8-)

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