Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Starting the Centerboard Case

Now that the new shed is in place, and all the boat parts are out of the kitchen (really) I've started back at work on the boat. I have more free space in the new shed, then total space in the old shed.

I took one side of the centerboard case and made an attempt at glassing it. Later today I will know how well it went. It's like the good old days of film cameras, when you had to wait to see the result of your work.

I had no idea of how much to mix, but since I was working on a small area, I was not too worried about the epoxy setting up while I mixed up more. I can see that for a large area, having an assistant to do the mixing would help.

I had left the cloth long around the edges of the plywood panel, but as I squeeged in the epoxy, the weight of the hanging cloth was causing the it to lift just inside the edge of the plywood, in much the same way as if I was trying to glass a right angle, once I trimed the cloth to an inch or so, it was fine.

Now I simply have to wait till it sets up, and see if it had made a good bond, or not. Then I'll bang on another layer of epoxy and see how it all looks.

Pictures will of course follow.

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