Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I have shed my shed

In the quest for more room for high speed, sharp, spinning thing I have decided to move up from an 8 x 6 shed to a 10 x 8 shed.

Now all my stuff is in the attic - moving it up two flights of stairs must constitute my exercise quota for the day.

You would think that knocking down a leaky, somewhat rotten shed would be trivial. The down side it that it's only rotten in places.

In order to fit it in a mini skip, I need to break it up pretty small. This takes a whole lot more effort than you would expect. I really wanted to avoid using power tools since all this wood is treated with nasty preservatives, and I did not want to leave fine toxic sawdust in my back garden.

Now I wait for the new shed to arrive, and I catch up on my Maths degree. Boat work may be delayed a little.... 8-(

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