Friday, December 28, 2007

So little progress

I blame the Dark,

Since I'm working outside, and it's dark before I get home from work.

But Partly it's the Rain, and the Cold.

There's also Real Life Commitments to deal with.

In the last while, I inherited a small bench top three wheel bandsaw. Which if you coax it just right, and go slowly will cut 1" oak just fine. It'll never cut 1/16" veneers from 5" Walnut Planks, but there you go. It was free.

I am about to cut the side logs for the centre board case. I have planed them down to size, and I just need to cut the curve. I am thinking of cutting the first one on the bandsaw almost to the mark, then sanding it down with a long flexible sanding board.

Then I will cut the other close, and use a Router with bearing guided flush bit to trim it to be an exact match.


Darren said...

You should move over here to Oz an build you boat. It won't prevent real life from getting in the way but the rain, dark and cold will vanish from you life forever.

Also, just imagine taking your boat out onto the harbour for Sydney's New Years Eve fireworks!

Robert said...

I have started building a Minuet as well. I am envious of how far ahead of me you are :-).

I find reading your log quite enjoyable and instructive. Hope you don't mind I liked your blog from my own blog.

Rational Root said...

One good link deserves another....