Monday, March 26, 2007


I know the photo looks like the logo for kids space toy, but to me it's progress.

This weekend I managed to cut all of the 4th Frame. Now I have the transom, Frames 1, 2 and 4. I'm mising frame 3 as I did not have a clean peice of Oak large enough for the cross beam. Frame 3 is next.

(The cross beam on Frame 4 is left long for fitting.)

Once that is complete, I have to get some marine ply for the gussets and for the stem.

And for the Centerboard.

Then there's the keel. That is a 5/4" * 4" * 12' Oak board, and Brookes only sell 9' boards. I think there's a little bit of work with the phone book in my near future.


JV said...

I believe you said in one of your earlier posts that you purchased a Bosch 1590 EVSK jigsaw.
I'm tired of the blade deflection that I get in other saws, so I'm considering the Bosch.
Is there much deflection in that saw?
Are you happy with it?
Amazon has them for 151 USD, which is $10 less than I can get one for here in Houston and if I get it from Amazon it's free shipping and no sales tax. Pretty good deal.

Rational Root said...

I'm happy with it. It's orders of magnitude better than my old cheapo toy town tool.

There is still some blade runout, but I think that it's now due to operator error, not inherent in the tool.

Use good blades and change them once they start to dull. I use the bosch T144DP for most work. For tight curves get narrow blades.

Turn down the pendulum/orbital action to get a cleaner cut, and for more control. At full belt, with full pendulum action it will charge through 1" Oak.

Turn OFF the pendulum action for tight curves.

Cut slowly, don't force the saw. Use a supporting block rather than let one side of the saw hang over thin air - but make sure that the support is EXACTLY the same height as the work or it will change the angle.

Use a table saw or a circular saw for straight cuts.

Cut a little bit away form the line and then clean it up with a plane or a belt snader. (You will probably be fairing anyway, so don't try to cut the line to perfection)