Saturday, November 04, 2006

The power of the internet...

A quick posting to the boards in my link list, wait a little, and I have a few answers. The problem is they conflict. And they all appear to know what they are talking about. At least, they appear to know a lot more than I.

  • One says the light wood is sapwood, don't use it.
  • One says the sap wood would be softer than the heartwood. The lighter wood in my piece is not.
  • Another says no, sapwood is hard, but would rot away over time.

And then a description of white oak on a site about wood describes the sap wood exactly as I see it. Fortunately this is only about a piece of wood, and I can simply play it safe and discard the lighter coloured part and the cost is minor.

Pity, it's a very nice plank...

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