Friday, November 17, 2006

If only I could get to work on the boat.

I have to work out side as I don’t have a workshop. It gets dark here before I get home from work so I have a 500W site lamp. I can’t work in the rain, but the dark is no problem. The real problem is that there’s always so much to do in the house. So last night instead of cutting out frames, I was installing a panel in front of the bath. This should be a fifteen minute job, but as usual it’s not. The walls are not square, the bath fits in an alcove, and the walls slope in as you come away from the bath. Suddenly a simple job becomes a bit of work.

The good news is that I got to play with my new Jigsaw. Not cutting oak, just 1 ½“ square battens that I was pinning to the walls to hold the panel. Houses being houses, I had to cut various notches in the battens to make them fit into place. Since no one will see them, switch to full pendulum mode, stick in a fast cutting blade, and turn the Jigsaw up to half speed. (Full speed is just silly). Ah… when I think of the hard work my toy B&D made of this kind of think in the past. Ok, so it’s only pine, but hot knife through soft butter is about right.

I like this thing.

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