Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter List

No boat is ever finished, and I have my list for the winter....

  • Brass rubbing strips on the rudder, centreboard and the front of the hull
  • Cargo Netting for bits and pieces
  • Fix the bow eye, it was too small and it bent
  • Add a nose wheel to the launching trolley
  • Add a winch to the trailer or trolley. This needs some thought, I want to make it easier to get the boat onto the trolley and the trolley onto the road trailer.
  • Wooden Trim where the hull joins the deck. More sanding.
  • Reapply oil to the seats, coamings etc.
  • Put the wooden bungs in the screw holes in the coamings.
  • Lazy jacks / topping lift
  • See if I can improve set up time for the mast / sails. I think if I have something to support the stern while on the trolley, I can raise the mast by hand. We shall see.
  • A mount for the GPS
  • Bilge pump (or pumps) that I can use on either tack.
  • A better way of stowing the outboard while towing.
There. Now I have a list.

It's longer than I thought it would be, but it'll get longer yet, lists always do.

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