Sunday, July 31, 2011

there's just a few more things

The engine mounts is done. Since the transom is angled, I made a rookie mistake and set the mount too low, then I had to fill the bolt holes and re-mount it higher. (Luckily I popped the engine into place with the mount dry fitted,  so at least I didn't have to clean up bedding compound.)

The Self Bailers are dry fitted. If you are ever mounting these, it's hard to drill holes square to the hull while lying on you back reaching under the trailer. So drill the holes from the side where they go through the bailer. (ie if it's an outside mount, drill from outside) otherwise it's hard to get things to line up.
It does take a moment to get up the courage to cut a big hole in the bottom of your boat. I did make up a test piece first with some scrap.

The bracket for the Jib was fun to mount. It is thru-bolted. Of course that means that you need to climb into the bow to put on and tighten the nuts. A 6'4" tall 200 lb man can fit in past the centerboard case, and under the deck. But for a few minutes, it was entirely unclear if the same man could climb back out again.

Thanks to Caroline for holding the screwdriver outside while I crawled inside.

(Yes, she is smaller, and would have fit easier into the bow, but there is a limit to how far I was prepared to push my luck.)

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