Friday, March 11, 2011

Just one thing.....

When you are tired, it's hard to get motivated to go out and work on the boat. The TV and the Couch beckon, and you can "flop and veg".

But if there's just one little thing that you can do in the shed, that gets you out there. So last night I cut a set of bolts to size, drilled out the countersunk holes in the cleats, made up backing pads for the cleats, drilled out a whole pile of washers. (I bought a box of 100 stainless washers, but I got the smallest size. I can drill them out if I need larger. Buying a pack of 5 of them costs nearly as much as a box of 100)

In the end, out of a tired evening when I might have simply flicked through the stuff that passes for entertainment, (The Boss, 57 channels and nothing on), I moved another little step closer to launch day.

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dotcomdguy said...

This may not be the solution you're looking for when the couch is calling, but lately, I've found the motivation I've needed from drinking a red bull. I've personally always been an A.D.D. person so the extra caffine or ? Taurine... Really help me out. I'm not exactly building a boat,... I built boating websites. Check them out if you like. I'd love to see your progress pictures on the site. or My distractions come in the form of emails from friends, browsing even more boating pictures and watching the boating videos that people have uploaded to my website. In any case, your boat looks cool. Keep up the good work and go boating soon!