Thursday, November 25, 2010

Kick up Rudder

First, please forgive the paintwork. It was not right, so it needed sanding back, and it will need another coat or two.
Note the uphaul has a 3 part tackle to overcome the mechanical disadvantage of pulling up the rudder from the top.

I need to sort out a latch for the downhaul. I tried one of the camcleats that pops open, but with nylon cord, the cord just stretches. Once I get some proper 4mm polyester I'll try again. I may have to file down the lugs on the pop cleat a little to make it easier to break out.

But it may simply be the lead of the line. I may need to change that a little. If you come "up" to a pop cleat (or down if you set it on the underside of a tiller), you reduce the perpendicular distance to the axle. This hugely increases the force that you need to pop it.

My centerboard is complete, it simply needs another coat or two of paint and I can install that too.

Next the mast.
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