Monday, May 24, 2010

It all slots together

There are two pairs of cleats on the frames, and matching cleats on the bottom of the floorboards, so when you drop the floorboards down they have to locate properly and it all ends up like this

If you look at the cross piece on the underside of the floorboards in the top picture, you see it extends beyond the slats, this runs under the centre floorboard which is fixed in place, and helps hold things together.

The boards on each side can then be lifted out by raising the outboard side.

Easier, simpler, and cheaper than stainless steel hinges.

I think a bit of cord and some simple wooden Jam Cleats on the frames should hold them in place. The cord can simply be doubled through a pair of holes in the locating cleats on the bottom of the floorboards. Unobtrusive, cheap, simple.

I really should give things a wipe over before taking photos....

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Robert Green said...


I recently bought a completed Glen L 15. I would like to put in some floorboards and I really like yours. I am particularly interested in how you fastened them in. Any pics/ details would be very welcome.

Many thanks,

Robert Green.