Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I really need a boat shed.

When you are trying to build a boat outside, you need, not just good weather, but some likelihood of good weather for the next few hours.

So with showers making a regular appearance, I set up a "lathe" in my garden shed using a 650 watt drill, and a bolt set into 3/4 inch ply as a chuck.

I quickly gave up trying to use a chisel, perhaps I needed a little instruction, but the chisel simply bit into the wood and bent the bolt.

Attempt number two with a stanley surform round plane worked a lot better. I was able to shape some nice covers for the Center Board pivot.

A Forstner bit allowed me to cut a rebate on the inside to hold a gasket, since this will be oak on oak, a little rubber should make a better seal.

Now it feels like I am making progress again.

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