Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Stem

I didn't like the idea of putting screws into the side of the ply that makes up the stem. Screws into the side of ply are not generally considered "A Good Thing (tm)".

Instead I bought some bronse rod, a tap and die set (spend some money here. Cheap taps and dies are marginally less use than chocolate teapots), and set about making double ended bolts.

I clamped the stem in place, using a block cut at 90 deg on the table saw, and drilled two holes right through the frame into the stem.

I then drilled through the side of the stem, to intersect with these holes, to put nuts in. This gives me a sort of bed bolt.

I spent some time with a sharp plane making sure the end of the stem was at 90 deg, then I prepared some Epoxy, Silica and glass beads.

I soaked the end of the stem in epoxy first, this was to prevent the ply wicking the epoxy away from the joint. Then I glooped up the joint, and bolted it all in place.

As you can see in the photo, the epoxy could have been neater, but I doubt that anyone will get much of a look at this joint. I'll cut back the bolts next. Then clamp it all back in place on the scaffold.
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