Monday, September 17, 2007

A better stick.

I took a peice of oak about 1" x 1" about 3 feet long. This time I cut a scarf in it using using a jig and a circular saw. And cut a second matching scarf on the same jig.

I dampened the surface of the scarf, glued it and clamped it.

I left it for 48 hours and then set it up across two bricks. It happily took my weight. Then I started bouncing up and down on it.

After a fair bit of bouncing, It finally snapped. Though as you can see from the photo, the break was not along the glue line.


Jake said...

That is some impressive glue!

Vic said...

Hey Dave,
Victor here...

How are you? Did you graduate in school yet? How is your boat coming along?

Haven't heard from you, or seen any progress in such a long time.

Lots of changes in my life... and I haven't been able to work on my boat since my last post back in '07' I think.

If your still receiving emails regarding this site, send me line or two sometime... I'd be quite interested in what is going on out your way.

I'm in school now myself, and I didn't like the maths any more than you did, but I am past them now.

Take care,