Thursday, May 03, 2007

A little off topic

We have a general election coming up.

The immediate impact of this is that
  • A tribunal set up to investigate corruption is going to defer questioning our glorious leader until after the election.
  • There's speculation that the winning government may reform stamp duty on houses. So no-one is buying houses in advance of the election.
  • Everything that stands still for more than 35 seconds has a poster on if of some politician grinning smugly, usually in a suit that costs more than most peoples monthly pay cheque.
  • The Canvasers are coming. You get home from a hard days work and have dinner, then sit down to read a good book and the door bell rings. Some twit with a badge whom you have never seen before in your life feels he's perfectly entitled knock on your door and ask if he can count on your vote -
    I'm trying do decide on a new sign - "No dogs or Politicicans*" or "No peddlers of politicial ideology or other useless tat"
  • And finally the graffetti artists are stepping up to the mark. "If voting really changed anything it would be illegal"
So please make the effort, go out and vote 1,2 and 3 in order of your choice
  • The Corrupt
  • The Inept
  • The Idealogically Bankrupt
* Actually dogs are ok if they are house trained


Darren said...

Someone tell Caroline that Dave needs a hug ;-)

On the stamp duty issue; surely that's a reason not to sell your house rather than a reason not to buy one.

Anyway didn't FF neutralise the matter by saying they'd back-date any changes to the 30th of April (or something)?

Rational Root said...

If you think I need a Hug, you don't want to be the Canvaser who rings the door bell just after Caroline's put the Munchkin down to sleep.

Can they back date things like that. I remember various legal problems when they brought in fixed sentences for drink driving. Since the fixed sentence applied when you went to court, not when you committed the offence, it was then deemed to have been back dated regarding the offence. The Constitution does not like you makeing laws after the fact and backdating the effect.

And bye the way, since when has what FF said actually meant diddley.