Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lisnavagh Timber Project

I went down to Lisnavagh yesterday to get some Oak boards, and picked out a few boards with the help of William Burnbury. They have a system to track every board, so they can show you where it came from. They even print you off a photo of the tree. They are very much into sustainable use of the resources. William was kind enough to email me the picture of the tree for my blog. From the history that William provided this fell itself so I don't even need to feel guilty about it being chopped down.

Now all I need is some good weather to turn this old tree into a boat.


William Bunbury said...

I trust that you made it back OK and the planks didn't destroy your roof rack, car or each other!

Best of luck.


Rational Root said...

I got home OK. Having two planks on one side and one on the other worked quite well. Just down the road I tied the ends together. They oscillated out of sync and steadied each other.



DavidMcA said...

Thanks for the link to Lisnavagh. Sounds like a cool place to get timber. I'll def. check them out for my next boat project (probably the 20 foot bluejacket cruiser )
Did you see any douglas fir lying around when you were there?

David McAdam
Co. Monaghan

Rational Root said...

He mostly has hardwood - but he has some soft wood. Give him a call, or drop him an email.

Ryan said...

The great think about Minnesota is that I have 20+ oak trees in my yard. Which on windy days provides me with firewood. And in autumn provides squirels with more nuts than they know what do with, and the same with leaves for me. :-(