Thursday, February 22, 2007

Meet Vic

The internet is kind of like a big Club, where you can go and find other people who are interested in the same sort of things that you are. Chances are someone's done what you are trying to do, or something similar, and wrote about it.

Or you can post a question on a forum, and (in among the wise cracks) someone will have the gem of knowledge that you need.

Only, you don't need to go there every Wednesday night at 7:45 pm. You can wander in when you like.

Recently Vic cam acros my little page, left a comment, and a link to his page. He's a little more ambitious that me, and his pages make great reading, so have a wander over here and leave a comment to say hi.

Comments are always appreciated on blogs. Means we're not talking to ourselves.


Vic. said...

Hey Dave:
You might want to check out my blogs latest post (today). Been planning to do this since I read your blog. Finally got a round to it. I'm stumped here... how, when you get to assembling your frames and hull etc., will you keep your wood from warping... being outside in the weather ? Surely, it WILL rain or snow on your project.


Vic. said...

Yes, I am quite motivated I guess... I've also laid-off since December 1st of 2006. My job is seasonal. I'll be back to work next month though and then I'll be begging for the energy to work on the boat... and the blog...
See ya.....

Rational Root said...

Been away on holidays. The plan is to use heavy woven plastic sheeting pegged to the ground.

That should keep it dry in the rain, and courtesy of Global warming, we haven't really had much snow since about 1982.


Vic. said...

Hey Dave:
Check out this site...
This guy is building a boat too and bought a portable shed... I think it's really neat. For 3 times the money though a fella could just build an entire garage.

Vic. said...

Hey Root:
I left you the wrong URL in the last comment... The correct address for the portable shed example is...>
This guy is building a nice boat too.