Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some Old Planes.

I have been given a few old, once loved planes, that have spent a few uncared for years. They once belonged to my grandfather, a Carpenter of significant skill. Now they are badly rusted.

Believe it or not, the blades are still sharp enough to cut your hand on. Of the three planes, there is a stanley bailey ~5, #4 1/2 and a Record #4.
Since I have a Stanley Bailey #4, I am planning on restoring the #5.

It appears to have been welded together, I have no idea of it's history, but one have cleaned it up a little I will have some idea of how salvagable it is.


Darren said...

The restoration is a good project for you. How will you go about it?

Rational Root said...

WD40 to take them apart.

A drill with a wire brush to get the heavy rust off.

Carbide paper to get the rest off.

And then Scary Sharp (search the blog for more on this) to sharpen up the blades.