Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Fuller Stepped Drill Bits

Today I had cause to try out my Fuller stepped drill bits. I won't repeat my earlier post, and I have not got a cut through photo to post yet, but they do make life so easy. The drill bits come for different lengths screws, so for any one drill bit, the length of the narrowest part of the drill, ie for the pilot hole, is fixed.

But the length of the shank and the depth of the counter sink can be set so easily. This means that you can set the depth that you want to countersink the screws to exactly, just under the surface, or deep enough to plug.

Drill one hole and then pop in the screw, no trying to drill two concentric holes and a countersink.

They are not what you would call cheap, but given that I have about 1000 bronze screws which all need predrilling, that equates to a whole lot of saved time. Even if I figure that time saved at minimum wage, I think I'm well in the black.


Darren said...

That is a nice toy.

Can it be true that everything that can be invented finally has been?

Rational Root said...

Pretty much, that's why the US Patent office now allows people to patent stuff that's been around for years.
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Vic. said...

Hey Dave... Wish I'd seen this post months ago. These past few days I've been having a time with those silicone bronze screws in the hardwood. The shorter ones (below deck) didn't give me too much trouble but, the 2 inch length sinking into Mahogony has been such a pain that I gave up. They're in the cabin's roof beams (above the waterline) so I went with SS Deck screws with a Square Drive head... sooo much easier. And, I can drive them in with my cordless drill with the clutch drive set at 13.