Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The first problem....And Solution

While tracing the Transom Frames, the notch for the sheer clamp is different to the rest. It's shown with a small shaded area, as shown here to the right.

On the glen l web site forums Graham Knight came up with the fact that the transom is angled, so the sheer clamp, while horizontal would not be perpendicular to the transom frame.

This makes it most likely that the plans are showing the slope of the notch by marking the front and back of the transom frame where they need to be cut.

Given that the remaining fames are vertical, and have no similar shaded area, I think that I am going to go with this. I may mock up a paper model to convince myself the angles are correct first though. Measure four or five times, cut once.

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Anonymous said...

About the number of measurings...if it is really important...measure 9-10 times and you are less likely to be sorry afterwards.